Best Way to Ask a Guy on a Date

I had to share this story because this just shows how amazingly creative some people can be and should encourage people to make their dates fun and exciting and not stick to the typical dinner and a movie routine. This is a true story!

My friend Krissy goes to a college where, in her dorm, they have what are called “Twerp Dates” where the girls have to anonymously ask the guys out on dates. Well Krissy thought it was too awkward to secretly ask a guy out and then just show up at a meeting spot. So instead, she sent him a photo of a sign that read the following:

“The zombie apocalypse is starting. Choose your weapon”

The sign had picture of a sword, a gun, and a stick of dynamite. The guy replied with the sword option, and for the rest of the week she would slowly send him clues of where to guy to find out more information about their date.

On the night of their date, he followed the clues to find a sword that she had made out of tin foil and cardboard. As soon as he picked up the sword, everyone in her dorm came running out of the building dressed as zombies. The guy got right into character and started attacking the horde, but they kept “coming back to life” and continuing to attack him.

Then Krissy suddenly pulled up in her car and came to a screeching halt, threw open the door and screamed at him “GET IN THE CAR!” He jumped in and they took off on their date!

Now if that’s not creative, I seriously have no idea what is. I wish I could come up with these sort of things!

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